Coursework - a measure of the academic abilities of students
Coursework - a measure of the academic abilities of students
Coursework - a measure of the academic abilities of students, a mirror of their academic achievement. Kursovik - is a litmus test that shows how well the teacher opened, and the student - was able to perceive and to understand - educational material on the subject. Often, the quality of the course work has an impact on the assessment for the entire semester, as well as - may contribute to the production of set-off "automatic" or, conversely, cause of non-admission to the exam. Thus, the course work the student should pay special attention. 
I think it will not be opening and that sometimes you have to sweat to get the coveted "five", not to mention the "machine" and other attributes of the academic life of the diligent students. Unfortunately, often it turns out that even the "strong" world event of force majeure - be it illness or family circumstances, a sporting event or technical malfunction. It is already possible and "stung", if time does not seek professional help. We are all humans, it is impossible to always be "on horseback", the main thing - remember that every situation there is a way out. Are coursework to order - a service that has long ceased to be exotic. 
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